Cameron and Lochlan ( and mommy too) | By Michelle

So this session was a total last minute one.  Shannon was home on holidays and didn’t plan on having photos taken.  She took the chance and called and luckily I was able to fit her in.  I have photographed Shannon’s beautiful family before when there was only one baby on the scene.  She has since had another beautiful little girl Lochlan and I am so glad I squeezed them in. It just may be one of my summer favourites.  I have to say Shannon we always think we can squeeze in more than possible and I end up overwhelming both of us.  However it was so much fun!  heres a glimpse at what I captured!




Anne and Hannah | By Michelle

This is a different kind of love story and one that made my own heart become overwhelmed with emotion.  Lets start by saying Anne contacted me months and months before this shoot actually took place.  I received a message from her back in the winter and she was wanting to have some warm weather photos taken of her and her granddaughter.  I immediately thought thats something new and have never shot a grandmother and a granddaughter before.  Ironically the day I was to shoot their session I had to cancel because my own beautiful granddaughter was being born.  Of course Anne was super understanding about it and knew this was going to be a special shoot once I got to shoot it.  However it took us several tries after our initial cancellation due to weather.  I think it was worth the wait!  Of course I instantly saw the love Anne had for her precious granddaughter.  It was a new love I have never photographed before and of course a brand new love for me with Posey now in my world.  I knew instantly that I  would want my very own Photo shoot with my first granddaughter and what a beautiful keepsake for that granddaughter someday!  Oh how I would love to have something besides some polaroids of me and my nanny!  As I talked with Anne I learned that she was diagnosed with cancer and my first thought was oh my that is so sad.  Which of course it is but what I really learned was this lady knows how to live and she is loving life and she is fighting her battle so strong and courageously.  She is having treatments and still works a full time job.  WOW! is what I say to that,  I think Anne is way tougher and stronger than cancer is and I pray she continues to get healthy!  I know there is a very special trip planned with miss Hannah this month.  Anne and Hannah and Hannha’s mommy enjoy Disney I know it will be a trip of a lifetime.  So heres a peek at an amazingly beautiful love and one that is not often documented.



Laura + Nathan | By Michelle

To say I have had amazing bride and grooms this year would be an understatement and here is another couple I am proud to say trusted me with one of the most important days of their lives.  Laura and Nathan live out West so we were unable to do an Engagement session and get to know each other prior to the big day.  It certainly didn’t take long for it to feel like I knew Laura and Nathan my whole life.  The biggest thing that stood out to me with Laura and Nathan was how in love they were.  I know it sometimes takes couples a bit of time in front of my camera before they get to feel relaxed and comfortable.  That really was not the case here, the fact that I had a camera in from of them did not fizz them in the least.  The only thing they saw was each other.  I have always been the type of photographer who is really  all about the bride and groom.  I am not saying the rest of the photos  are not important but reality is a wedding day is about the love between a man and a woman.  So yes I do tend to want to get an overabundance of bride/groom shots of all my couples.  I am sure sometimes my couples may think I am a crazy lady but this is why!  Laura and Nathan gave me lots of time to do what I needed to do and were totally on the same page as me.  I really do not need to say another word cause these photos speak volumes of how in love these two are.



My Sweet Posey | Two months

I can hardly believe 2 months has come and gone so fast!  I am actually soon due for her 3 month session very soon, but being in the middle of my most hectic season its leaving me behind in many areas, including spending some much needed time with this baby girl.  she’s in my arms now as I type and I wish I could savour every second with her.  As I sit here looking at her perfect little face and smell her milk breath and nuzzle her chubby neck, I could cry cause I know how fleeting these days are.  A long time ago some very wise words were spoken to me by my mama ( I had 3 very little ones) and she said to me one day ” you know these are the best days of your life ” and she was so right they really were the best days.  I hope to enjoy every second I can of this little girls life that I can.  She has brought so much joy into my heart in the short few month she’s been on this earth.  So heres a very short and sweet photo shoot I had with her.  She thought she would stay asleep for it the entirety of her session, which is fine by me.  There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby.storyboard001storyboard002storyboard003storyboard004storyboard005storyboard006storyboard007storyboard008storyboard009storyboard010storyboard011storyboard012storyboard013storyboard014storyboard015storyboard016


Nate and Bryce | Newborn Session | By Michelle

So its no secret I am a crazy lady for babies.  Twins don’t come my way often but boy when they do what fun I have.  Even better that they were summer babies so we were able to capture some gorgeous outdoor shots.  Anne and Kirk I enjoyed spending the day with you ( yep the day these photos don’t happen in an hour) I know Kirk was not realizing he would was hanging out at my house for the day!  I think these are memories that should be etched in a moms mind forever so when I can preserve this I know they will be treasured for a lifetime.  I still think every time I do a newborn session what I would give to have this of my own children and it kinda makes me sad, however knowing I can do this for so many others just fills my with gratitude.  So here is a peek at some precious baby boys.