Danielle + Steven | Wedding | By Michelle

Having clients that you can be 100% yourself is not always easy, but with these two it was a breeze! I guess hanging out with them for an entire day shooting an engagement session certainly helps. We travelled around our beautiful Island in search of an awesome location, so it certainly helped us get very acquainted with each other. We shared so many laughs and stories which we will not share here!! ( hee, hee, hee,) So I knew when the day came for their Wedding it would be a very relaxed and easy going day! Kinda like hanging out with some old friends ( which I think is safe to say we are now ) I actually spent quite a bit of time with Danielle the year before her wedding, doing the engagement session as well as a very beautiful bridal boudoir session as a surprise for her groom. Which I do hope to share! I have kept this very anxious bride and groom anxiously awaiting their photos, I can’t thank you enough for your patience in waiting to see these. So here is a glimpse of Danielle and Steven’s wedding story!


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Kevin and Courtney | Engagement | By Brittany

There is nothing that excites me more than getting to shoot my bride and grooms engagement session, its like we are making our relationship official and starting a small journey together. Although I believe my journey with these two may have started the day they got engaged. Rewind to the morning/afternoon of, when I ran into Courtney at Target. We were talking about how it was their ten year anniversary (um wow.) and I was raving about my recent whale watching trip Tim and I went on for our anniversary. Then I proceeded to ask her when they were going to tie the knot and Courtney being the sweet girl she is, kind of giggled and said “Oh probably not for a little while”. It went something like that! Fast forward to that same night and Kevin popped the big question, needless to say I freaked out and told Tim how I had just asked her when she was getting married. My next thought was, “I hope she chooses me to shoot her wedding!”, and now here we are. We couldn’t have asked for a prettier fall day and as I said before fall isn’t usually a season I am crazy about because it marks the end of those warm summer sunsets. However, the green leaves have nothing on this array of colour.

Courtney and Kevin, you two are the sweetest and I am over the moon to be on board with you for your big day next year!




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Emery & Laughlin Turn One | By Michelle

I have come to know and love this family and I couldn’t be more thrilled to capture these wee ones grow!  It really is crazy how time flies it only feels like a few short months ago I was photographing these two as brand new babies and my first ever set of twins.  They recently turned one, well in August actually but I am a tad behind on so many blog posts.  However this one needed to make it on here fast!  I think mommy and daddy are anxiously awaiting seeing these two little faces (or I should say 3 as big sister Ella was along for the shoot)   Nicole and Mike I sure hope this brightens up your day.  I know you guys are away from home and missing your babies fiercely, so here is a little sunshine for your day!  storyboard001storyboard002storyboard003storyboard004storyboard005storyboard006storyboard007storyboard008storyboard009storyboard025storyboard031storyboard010storyboard012storyboard013storyboard014storyboard021storyboard022storyboard015storyboard016storyboard017storyboard018storyboard019storyboard020storyboard023storyboard024storyboard026storyboard027storyboard028storyboard029storyboard030I

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Brianna Desveaux | Styled Grad Session of 2014

I can’t believe I am finally getting these photos of Brianna blogged.  We started her styled sessions back in Oct of last year, so its been a year in the making for this.  Brianna had 3 styled senior sessions with us.  So those of you wondering what a styled senior session is I will explain.  We start by meeting up with our girls a day or so before the shoot, We have them bring in a suitcase of stuff, from clothes, shoes, accessories and more.  We then lay out everything and start building, often we add to it with stuff from our own personal collections.  The day of the shoot we have hair and makeup start early in the morning and we load up our car and begin our adventure. An adventure it is as we often don’t even know where we are heading which is actually a huge part of the fun, just getting in the car and seeing where the wind blows us!  I have to say these sessions are fast becoming one of my favourite shoots to do.  One because Brittany and I do all these shoots together and its always more fun with two.  Secondly it gives us so much creative control which we thrive off of!  When we have gals who trust our vision and let us do our thing it really makes for an epic shoot.  All of these looks were shot over various times through out the year,  A fall, winter and spring is what we captured for Brianna!  I have to say Brittany and I really loved having you on board with us for this and you actually were our first official Styled Senior! Its been something we have been talking about for some time and am happy to say we have a boat load of gals for 2015! So ladies if your looking for an amazing experience and what photos like this then drop us an email, give us a call or Facebook us a message!  storyboard003storyboard017storyboard005storyboard006storyboard007storyboard008storyboard009storyboard010storyboard011storyboard012storyboard013storyboard014storyboard015storyboard016storyboard018storyboard019storyboard020storyboard021storyboard022storyboard023storyboard024storyboard025storyboard026storyboard027storyboard028storyboard029storyboard030storyboard031storyboard032storyboard033storyboard034storyboard035storyboard036storyboard037storyboard038storyboard039storyboard040storyboard041storyboard042storyboard043storyboard044storyboard045storyboard046storyboard047storyboard048storyboard049storyboard050storyboard051storyboard052storyboard053storyboard054storyboard055storyboard056storyboard057storyboard058storyboard059storyboard060storyboard061storyboard062storyboard063storyboard064storyboard065storyboard066storyboard067storyboard068storyboard069storyboard070storyboard071storyboard072storyboard073storyboard074storyboard075storyboard076storyboard077storyboard078storyboard079storyboard080storyboard081storyboard082storyboard083storyboard084storyboard085storyboard086storyboard087storyboard088storyboard089storyboard090storyboard091storyboard092

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Ryan and Rachel | Engagement | By Brittany

We laughed, we chased the sun and we succeeded. This was the most killer light and all I can think about when looking back at these images is how much I am going to miss those warm buttery summer sunsets. Combine that with an adorable, relaxed couple and this is what you get! I love working with couples like Ryan and Rachel, they were equally excited as I was about the session and their chemistry was undeniable. You could be the best photographer in the world, but its the couple that makes the session (you can’t fake love). That being said, I always seem to get the cream of the crop when it comes to my clients.

Rachel and Ryan, I can’t wait to watch you two say “I do” this time next year:)


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