Conor + Megan | Ingonish Wedding | By Brittany

Instead of me gushing about how much I loved shooting this AH-mazing couple, I decided to get some words from the groom himself…

“Megan and I first met in the hallway of our residence at St FX.  We started as friends and I quickly came to the realization that I wanted to spend more time together and get to know her better.  I wasn’t the smoothest operator back then but my resilience eventually paid off as I was able to convince her to give me a shot …after a few failed attempts.

We have spent a significant portion of our relationship living in different provinces, so despite being newlyweds our relationship has lots of miles on it. While it was difficult at times, it has definitely made our relationship that much stronger.

When I saw Meg for our “first glance” I was blown away by how amazing she looked. It was like the wedding dress was made just for her.  We were blessed with a beautiful wedding day and felt an overwhelming amount of gratitude that we were able to be surrounded by those we love. When people tell you a wedding day goes by fast they are not lying. We both said at the end of the night that we couldn’t have dreamed up a better wedding day and how the entire day felt surreal. We really felt like the whole day truly represented who we are as a couple.”

-Conor Williamson








Sherri, Adam, Molly and Milo | Family | By Michelle

Where do I start with this amazing family.  I guess I should start by saying this shoot had me a little stressed out because Sherri is also a photographer and of course I wanted everything to be perfect.  I actually met Sherri a few years ago when she contacted me about doing her family’s photos back when they were a family of 3.  I immediately  hit it off with her, I suppose our mutual love of photography was a great starting point.  Sherri has an infectious personality and you can’t help but love her.  She is bubbly, kind and outgoing not to mention crazy ( in a good way of course) when you are with Sherri you are guaranteed to laugh your butt off!  I suppose you could say I instantly recognized myself in her and the more I get to know her the more I see how much we really are alike.  From our insecurities and our  incredible need to want everything just so in our work, to beating ourselves up when things are not the way we expected.  I hated that when I started out I had nobody to really go to with questions and concerns about this industry.  I kinda just kept to myself trying to learn and suck up any bit of info I could pertaining to this craft.  I loved that Sherri would often come to me with questions and concerns. ( and it was actually kinda nice that I could help her out )   I suppose it was through this that we ended up becoming friends.  I love that we ( and Brittany too ) have our own unique little trio.  We can all vent to one another and have someone that actually gets it.  Lets face it our husbands are wonderful but really they are probably sick of hearing about this world of ours.  We will soon be turning the tables and Sherri will be photographing my family, something I am sad to say I have never done.  Other than me setting up shots on a tripod!  This will be a first and I am pretty excited about it.  I loved shooting your family ( yea that sounds bad) from sweet and smiley little Milo to spicy and full of spunk Molly!  Adam I also know photo shoots are sometimes long and stressful with little ones but I am so glad you get it and got in the water.  Sherri to you I have to have to say I am so glad to call you my friend!  I also think we gals are overdue for and evening of getting dressed up  pretty with some good food/wine, after a cross fit session that is.  So heres a look at your beautiful family!




Cameron and Lochlan ( and mommy too) | By Michelle

So this session was a total last minute one.  Shannon was home on holidays and didn’t plan on having photos taken.  She took the chance and called and luckily I was able to fit her in.  I have photographed Shannon’s beautiful family before when there was only one baby on the scene.  She has since had another beautiful little girl Lochlan and I am so glad I squeezed them in. It just may be one of my summer favourites.  I have to say Shannon we always think we can squeeze in more than possible and I end up overwhelming both of us.  However it was so much fun!  heres a glimpse at what I captured!




Anne and Hannah | By Michelle

This is a different kind of love story and one that made my own heart become overwhelmed with emotion.  Lets start by saying Anne contacted me months and months before this shoot actually took place.  I received a message from her back in the winter and she was wanting to have some warm weather photos taken of her and her granddaughter.  I immediately thought thats something new and have never shot a grandmother and a granddaughter before.  Ironically the day I was to shoot their session I had to cancel because my own beautiful granddaughter was being born.  Of course Anne was super understanding about it and knew this was going to be a special shoot once I got to shoot it.  However it took us several tries after our initial cancellation due to weather.  I think it was worth the wait!  Of course I instantly saw the love Anne had for her precious granddaughter.  It was a new love I have never photographed before and of course a brand new love for me with Posey now in my world.  I knew instantly that I  would want my very own Photo shoot with my first granddaughter and what a beautiful keepsake for that granddaughter someday!  Oh how I would love to have something besides some polaroids of me and my nanny!  As I talked with Anne I learned that she was diagnosed with cancer and my first thought was oh my that is so sad.  Which of course it is but what I really learned was this lady knows how to live and she is loving life and she is fighting her battle so strong and courageously.  She is having treatments and still works a full time job.  WOW! is what I say to that,  I think Anne is way tougher and stronger than cancer is and I pray she continues to get healthy!  I know there is a very special trip planned with miss Hannah this month.  Anne and Hannah and Hannha’s mommy enjoy Disney I know it will be a trip of a lifetime.  So heres a peek at an amazingly beautiful love and one that is not often documented.



Laura + Nathan | By Michelle

To say I have had amazing bride and grooms this year would be an understatement and here is another couple I am proud to say trusted me with one of the most important days of their lives.  Laura and Nathan live out West so we were unable to do an Engagement session and get to know each other prior to the big day.  It certainly didn’t take long for it to feel like I knew Laura and Nathan my whole life.  The biggest thing that stood out to me with Laura and Nathan was how in love they were.  I know it sometimes takes couples a bit of time in front of my camera before they get to feel relaxed and comfortable.  That really was not the case here, the fact that I had a camera in from of them did not fizz them in the least.  The only thing they saw was each other.  I have always been the type of photographer who is really  all about the bride and groom.  I am not saying the rest of the photos  are not important but reality is a wedding day is about the love between a man and a woman.  So yes I do tend to want to get an overabundance of bride/groom shots of all my couples.  I am sure sometimes my couples may think I am a crazy lady but this is why!  Laura and Nathan gave me lots of time to do what I needed to do and were totally on the same page as me.  I really do not need to say another word cause these photos speak volumes of how in love these two are.