My Sweet Posey | Two months

I can hardly believe 2 months has come and gone so fast!  I am actually soon due for her 3 month session very soon, but being in the middle of my most hectic season its leaving me behind in many areas, including spending some much needed time with this baby girl.  she’s in my arms now as I type and I wish I could savour every second with her.  As I sit here looking at her perfect little face and smell her milk breath and nuzzle her chubby neck, I could cry cause I know how fleeting these days are.  A long time ago some very wise words were spoken to me by my mama ( I had 3 very little ones) and she said to me one day ” you know these are the best days of your life ” and she was so right they really were the best days.  I hope to enjoy every second I can of this little girls life that I can.  She has brought so much joy into my heart in the short few month she’s been on this earth.  So heres a very short and sweet photo shoot I had with her.  She thought she would stay asleep for it the entirety of her session, which is fine by me.  There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby.storyboard001storyboard002storyboard003storyboard004storyboard005storyboard006storyboard007storyboard008storyboard009storyboard010storyboard011storyboard012storyboard013storyboard014storyboard015storyboard016


Nate and Bryce | Newborn Session | By Michelle

So its no secret I am a crazy lady for babies.  Twins don’t come my way often but boy when they do what fun I have.  Even better that they were summer babies so we were able to capture some gorgeous outdoor shots.  Anne and Kirk I enjoyed spending the day with you ( yep the day these photos don’t happen in an hour) I know Kirk was not realizing he would was hanging out at my house for the day!  I think these are memories that should be etched in a moms mind forever so when I can preserve this I know they will be treasured for a lifetime.  I still think every time I do a newborn session what I would give to have this of my own children and it kinda makes me sad, however knowing I can do this for so many others just fills my with gratitude.  So here is a peek at some precious baby boys.



Happy First Birthday Kate | By Michelle

Talk about a baby doll!  just look at this precious little face.  I was completely smitten with this little angel.  I still can’t believe its been a year since I photographed Kates newborn session.  How special it is for me to have these itty bitty babies come to me fresh to the world and then revisit me as a little person full of life and personality!  I really can’t say enough how special this is to me and boy it makes me really love and appreciate my job. How blessed am I to do something I love!  So I will not ramble too much cause I know there is a very excited mommy and nanny waiting to see this baby doll!



Kristen + Jeff | Wedding | By Michelle

Everything about this wedding makes me giddy with excitement.  I knew last October when I shot their engagement session that this wedding would be right up my alley. You can check her E- Session here and I were on the same page with so many things. I guess you could say we are girly girls.  My vision being soft, pretty and romantic and I knew from many chats with Kristen that she wanted the same.  I especially love when my brides include me in helping make decisions.  I have done my fair share of weddings and I kinda have good feel for what works well and what doesn’t,  So when I get asked about colour choices and get a preview of my brides gown( isn’t Kristen’s gown amazing) I know for sure Its going to be a big win.  This day did not disappoint from the the moment I walked in and saw all of her stunning bridesmaids in the prettiest floral robes.  I have to say Lakyn and I ( my youngest daughter who has been assisting all summer) may have went a little wild on our prep shots but I mean really can you blame us?

Now on to those guys I have never had so much fun or laughed so hard with a group of groomsmen as I did with this gang.  They were having so much fun cannon balling into the pool and chilling in the hot tub that I wasn’t sure they were going to start getting dressed.  They dried up and spiffed up in no time, the laughs continued the whole day long.  Jeff I can see you have some amazing buddies who really know how to have a good time.  I near peed my pants when they hauled down their pants to show off their snazzy groomsmen underwear.  Thanks guys for keeping the day so lighthearted.

Not only were Kristen and Jeff and the bridal party amazing but they have the sweetest families too.  I mean I wasn’t in Kristen’s back door right and was offered a breakfast fit for a queen.  So of course I had to have a small sample.  I knew the whole day there was nothing but pure love surrounding this couple from their friends to their families.  I have to say I have never had such a beautiful reaction to a mom and dad seeing their daughter for the first time in her gown as the one I experienced with Tana and  Digger’s.  It sure was a priceless moment and the love you have for your little girl shone thru all day.  Thank you for making myself and Lakyn feel like such an important part of Kristen and Jeff”s day, I know we were there to do a job but when you get the feeling from your bride/groom and families that you are genuinely appreciated it certainly creates a different connection.  The entire day from start to finish went off with out a hitch and I am beyond pleased with the outcome.  So I will forewarn you that this is a pretty lengthy post.  I had a hard time blogging for this one, there were too many darn shots to choose from.  Kristen and Jeff I can’t thank you enough for trusting me with you memories.   All the best to you both and I can’t  wait til I hear baby news in the future.  So here is Kristen and Jeff’s beautiful wedding story.storyboard002storyboard001storyboard003storyboard004storyboard005storyboard006storyboard007storyboard008storyboard009storyboard010storyboard011storyboard012storyboard013storyboard014storyboard015storyboard016storyboard017storyboard018storyboard019storyboard020storyboard022storyboard021storyboard023storyboard025storyboard024storyboard026storyboard028storyboard029storyboard027storyboard030storyboard031storyboard032storyboard033storyboard034storyboard035storyboard036storyboard037storyboard038storyboard039storyboard040storyboard041storyboard042storyboard043storyboard044storyboard045storyboard046storyboard047storyboard048storyboard049storyboard050storyboard052storyboard053storyboard054storyboard055storyboard056storyboard057storyboard060storyboard061storyboard059storyboard062storyboard068storyboard069storyboard070storyboard071storyboard077storyboard072storyboard073storyboard074storyboard076storyboard078storyboard080storyboard081storyboard082storyboard083storyboard084storyboard085storyboard086storyboard087storyboard088storyboard089storyboard090storyboard091storyboard092storyboard093storyboard094storyboard096storyboard097storyboard098storyboard099storyboard100storyboard101storyboard102storyboard103storyboard104storyboard105storyboard106storyboard107storyboard108storyboard109storyboard110storyboard111storyboard112storyboard113storyboard114storyboard115storyboard117storyboard119storyboard120storyboard121storyboard122storyboard123storyboard127storyboard128storyboard129storyboard130storyboard131storyboard132storyboard133storyboard134storyboard135storyboard136storyboard137storyboard138storyboard139storyboard140storyboard141storyboard142storyboard144storyboard147storyboard148storyboard149storyboard150storyboard151storyboard152storyboard154storyboard155storyboard145storyboard146storyboard156storyboard158storyboard159storyboard160storyboard161storyboard162storyboard163storyboard164storyboard165


Life as “Mom” | Personal | By Brittany

So most of you know I recently welcomed my sweet little Posey into the world only seven weeks ago and I have to say I couldn’t be happier with the way my life has changed. A lot of people made me feel like life would be over once she arrived and that I would be kissing my old life goodbye. Luckily, it hasn’t been this way for us and we are really enjoying learning how to live life as we used to, but with a baby. That being said, I’ve been flying under the radar the past few months with my business but as of August 2nd, I am throwing myself back in the game with a chalked full month of shoots ahead of me. Also, I couldn’t be more excited to start my month off with a beautiful Ingonish wedding! So before life gets even more crazy, I’ve decided to do a little post of all the fun things I’ve been up to since I became a mommy! I am really bad at taking my camera with me and shooting for myself, so there are definitely limited photos and they are also quite scattered. From a girls weekend in Halifax, and quiet time at home to a bachelorette getaway in Ingonish, there has been lots of activity in our lives!

Hopefully you will be seeing more personal posts by me in the future!

Oh, and If you are wondering where the epic “OOU LALA” letters came from… My sister in law Leigh-Anne and I went a little crazy with the help of our friends to construct these and pull together the rest of the awesome details you’ll see below! We may go into the party planning business after this.