Babies don't keep...

Capture those first few days with newborn photography!

These first few weeks are often such a blur and oh so fleeting; often running on no sleep and too much caffeine...

I heard a while back that "Babies don't keep." How true is that statement? Before you know it, you're celebrating their first birthday.

My newborn photography sessions are natural, bright, and unposed. I love the capture the moments that are raw, real, and full of love. While, yes, I do often capture baby alone, my focus is always on how the family is falling in love with the newest love of your life!

Our newborn packages start at $650.

The next chapter of your story!

"First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Momma with a baby carriage!" No matter what order you're reading your chapters in, babies always deliver the best kind of stories! Capture those beautiful first few days and weeks with a newborn photography session.

"We will cherish these photos forever!"

"I knew before our baby arrived that I would want newborn photos completed... In my heart, I knew I would regret not taking the time to do this! Prior to Van’s arrival, I messaged Michelle to see what options were available. Michelle was very flexible in accommodating us both in choosing a date, location, and also very gracious in accommodating a payment plan that suited our transition from full-time work to paternity/maternity leave... we appreciated this so much.

Having Michelle in our home was nothing but a pleasure… She took her time, encouraged feeds whenever needed, and made us feel at ease. She truly is a baby whisperer! The first few weeks of life are wild with a newborn... They are filled with sleepless nights, figuring out feedings, countless visits from family and friends, recovering from delivery, figuring out your babies cries and so much more. It truly is survival mode... but it is filled with more love then I’ve ever experienced in my whole life.

As much as you tell yourself to enjoy the moments and soak it all in.. that can be easier said than done during this hectic time... but having these photos will serve as a reminder of how small our sweet boy once was and the amount of love that rushed into our hearts and our home immediately upon his arrival. I am so happy we made it a priority to capture this time. Thank you, Michelle, for this special gift. We will cherish these photos forever!"

- Breagh Niesten


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