Archie | Lifestyle Newborn Session

It's been awhile since I’ve shared any newborn sessions and since I now have a lovely new space and all kinds of time on my hands what a better time to show you how my newborn sessions look these days.  I strongly encourage moms and dads ( and siblings if any) to be a part of the session and as precious as those newborn portraits are, I feel there is something so beautiful about the brand new family unit.  Whether it's your first or your fourth baby, your family unit has changed and what a beautiful way to document that then through unposed real and honest moments together.

Being welcomed into my clients homes there is a sense of love and excitement that you can literally feel being there, while this fleeting time is a mix of emotions and often quite overwhelming for new moms to even think of being photo ready, I can promise you its something you will not regret and forever cherish.

I had the sweetest session and loved hanging out with Emily, Andrew and sweet little Archie.  Here is a peek at some of their lovely images.  

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