Chelsea & Jonathan | PEI Seaside Wedding

I have come to realize that keeping up with the high demands in busy season really leaves no time to show any of my work, so now that its winter and I am officially in hibernation mode I have been reflecting on some of my faves.  This being one of them!

This beautiful seaside wedding in PEI was truly what weddings are made of torrential downpour and all!  I like my brides have a vision on how I want things to go, so when things don't go as planned and we get hit with a monsoon that wasn't in the forecast I can't lie I silently panic!  The beautiful set up on her grandparents beach property had to be torn 5 mins before the wedding started, Chelsea hung on to the very last min before making the call to move it inside to the tent.  We huddled under some trees with umbrellas trying as quickly as we could to get some portraits, but it was short-lived when the rain started to come down real heavy so back inside we went!  At this point my panic was high, Chelsea was in tears as I scrambled to try and create something!   I moved furniture and and attempted to pose them, It was then, that the magic happened.  With Jonathan wiping and consoling his sweet bride as her heart was shattered that the day she planned and dreamed of for so long didn't quite go as planned.  What did happen in this moment was true, raw and real and no posing or perfect location can take the place of emotion for me ever!

I defiantly shed a few tears myself!  I so desperately prayed for a break in the weather and I do believe someone was looking out for us when we  got that break! not for long but we did manage to get some bride/groom portraits before the wind and rain started back up!  I honestly wouldn't have changed a thing.  I would still say yes go for that outside wedding, take the chance its worth it even when you do get rained on.  There is always a backup plan and things will work out!

Lakyn and I shot our hearts out on this one!  and boy did we have fun!  This wedding hands down took the best party award! the rain continued all nite long but it didn't put a damper on spirits or dance moves!  We actually hated to leave and could of stayed and danced the night away!

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