Erica & Storm | Downtown Halifax Wedding

Ahh my last wedding of 2017 and I couldn't have asked for a better way to top off my season!  I have never shot a November wedding and it was quite refreshing!  Still so much fall in the air, a little chilly at times, but just made for more bride/groom snuggles.

This day was quite relaxing, getting up having breakfast at the Lord Neilson before heading upstairs to the girls was pretty sweet!  Not having to drive to to location in the morning was a highlight for me!  I had not met Erica or Storm prior to the wedding ( I referred to them as my ghost couple ) doing an engagement session wasn't possible for them so we were literally getting to know one another day of!  which sometimes makes me nervous but not with these two!  They were both so kind and easy to be with and made the day a breeze.

They were so madly in love and it showed all day long!    With every wedding we always say this wedding wins this award or that award!  Guess what I voted these two for ?? hands down the best laughter award, they literally laughed all day long and it was seriously contagious.  I think maybe Brit and I need to do a blog post on these awards!  which also reminds me we didn't do a behind the scenes this year either!

We I could goo and gah all day about this one so just gonna get to the good stuff! I tell a better ( and prettier story ) with my images!

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