Krystal & Wes | Engagement Session

I call this one a wet wild and a little bit sexy!  (ok well a lot sexy) So we had planned on doing a sunset swim session, as you can you will see from these pics we didn't quite get that sunset!  We left home and with the sun scorching and planned our session accordingly so we would hit that lovely sunset and dusk shoot.  As we got closer to our destination we were in heavy fog, to be honest I have never quite witnessed fog like it.  I wont lie I did panic a little, my vision was shot to shit.  I debated moving locations but then I would eat up our time, so I had to make it work!

So off we went going for it!  What a couple they were, not once did they doubt me and put their complete trust in me ( even when I myself was a little doubtful) we got soaked and not from rain it was all from this incredibly thick fog.   It was so bad my glasses and lenses literally needed a windshield wiper, I was wiping them down every 3 minutes so that I could see.  Still amazed we actually got so many great images!

Things we sometimes plan on don't always work out the way we envision, but if we can put our trust in ourselves and trust the unknown something better can come out of it and thats just what happened here, I wouldn't have changed a thing about it.  Well except maybe the gash I got in my foot that I didn't even discover til I got home and my floor had blood all over it!  Yep sure sign of a successful session. Now on to this incredibly sweet and hot couple !

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