Lifestyle Newborn vs Posed Newborn

When I book newborn sessions there is a couple of options available either "Lifestyle" or what I refer to as the "Posed" newborn session.  I have been getting many questions on what I would recommend or what is the difference between the two.  So I am going to dive into what a lifestyle session looks like and you can decide for yourself what your preferred session would be.  So we are featuring little Miss Vaida and her family.  They had the sweetest lifestyle session.

  1. Lifestyle sessions can be done in the comfort of your home, so no rushing to feed baby and pack bags.  I will come to you scout out the best light and shooting locations in your home ( which can be anywhere) I often ask my clients to send me  few pics of their home as there are many factors involved in creating a great shot.  Of course lighting being number 1 on my list.  Sarah and Brendan recently bought and renovated a home and had many shooting options so I could been there for the entire day!  I did end up shooting in the  darkest room painted black which had two great windows providing beautiful light.  I adore the contrast between the black and white.  If you follow me at all you will know that I am a white fanatic, so the black paired with white was so refreshing and fun for me.  I personally love how intimate these sessions can be, in your home on your bed, couch or wherever, loving on the newest love of your life!
  2. Age of your newborn is a big factor as well in which session to opt for.  If your looking for more newborn photos and less of a lifestyle look then baby should be under 2 weeks old. The reason being is they become very aware, very fast of their surrounding and what is being done so the older they are the less tolerant they are for certain poses. I usually book while moms are still pregnant and we work around the due date and book a few tentative dates.  Sometimes moms are not even thinking of newborn sessions or wasn't in the plan and inquire when babies are past the crucial age, this is when a lifestyle session would be the better option.  There would be a lot less posing and manipulating baby so they are less likely to get too peeved off at me.
  3. Siblings are another big factor and of course I work them in to either session posed or lifestyle. However there are perks for being at home when you have more then one child.  Little children have a very small attention span and will not always want to sit and pose for my camera, but when at home they are in their own environment and can come and go, take breaks, play with their toys and this often works beautifully for me.  As you look thru this gallery you will notice I got some really beautiful moments between big brother and baby sister, Tatum was on the go for the entire session and I kinda just pulled him in here and there and captured some precious images.
  4. The posed sessions take place here at my home in my makeshift home studio.  ( praying someday to have a separate building for this ) but for now it works and I don't think my clients seem to mind.  I do focus more on different sets, and changes, different poses etc.  I do like to incorporate mom and/or dad into these posed sessions as well.  I know moms don't always feel their best after giving birth but I promise you we are not doing full body shots and your  baby will be posed beautifully in your arms.  I don't think there as been a mom yet who has regretting being in present in those photos as they are truly priceless.
  5. yes shots of your new baby will be done if in a lifestyle session however I limit the amount of sets used as we are incorporating so much more into the session. As you will see from Vaida's session she has some very beautiful and simple alone shots.  So you still kinda get the best of both worlds. Lots of sibling shots, family shots, mom and baby, dad and baby, baby alone. ( you get the picture )
  6. I suppose it comes down to personal preference both are beautiful but thought I would  shed a little light on this topic.  Either way you end up with some beautiful portraits from this so very fleeting time in your lives.

So this my friends is what a lifestyle session looks like!  I should add this sweet couple were once my bride and groom and  capturing their growing family is truly humbling!  Its because of people like Sarah and Brendan that I love what I do!

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