Michelle & Lyndon | E-Session

One outfit, one location, lots of fun and lots of love!  Just what this ole girl needed to fill up my soul, getting back outside and in a beautiful location which happens to be in my neck of the woods.  This evening gave me all the feels!  I came home with a full heart and realized how much I missed this part of shooting.  I seriously sat down at my desk smiling from ear to ear while editing these two love birds.

I feel like these two have been like old friends having been on my wedding train for some time now, as they were originally due to get married last year but they welcomed the sweetest baby boy to their family recently.  I have also shot both of Lyndon's sisters weddings, so I feel like this family is kinda like mine and I am so honoured to be kicking off wedding season 2018 with another Bishop wedding.

To say these two killed it was an understatement they trusted me totally and went along with all my crazy requests even laying in pretty much a swamp cause I liked the look of the thatchy grass.  More then anything the love and fun they shared on this magical evening is evident in each and every image I shot.  Apologies if there is an over abundance but they are just to sweet.  Cant wait for Wedding Day!

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