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This beautiful family is waiting on their fourth little bundle. I met these two a little over 6 years ago when Joann was expecting her first baby, I have since photographed each baby belly and baby.  So its safe to say I became pretty close with this crew!

Although Ray has done this before he's like most men and isn't a big fan of photoshoots, however he sucked it up and went along with it ( while sipping on his beer).  Yes sometimes a beer for the guys on location is a great idea!  knowing your clients on a personal level certainly changes things, there is no nervousness or awkward moments of trying to get to know each other. This is hands down my most favourite part of shooting, the connections and friendships formed.

I don't always see the impact of what I do for a living but when I step back and look thru the years of memories I have created for families like this it really hits me.  How incredibly precious is this, Joanne documented each and every pregnancy and newborn photos for her children to cherish someday. I explained to my little Posey girl what her nan and mom do for a job and while I was explaining to her that we are creating memories for families  to look back on someday.  I thought gee we should be called "memory makers " instead of photographers.

I say this all the time " Life is a photoshoot" and  hence why I try my hardest to keep my camera on hand for my own personal memories as much as I can!  I truly believe our photos are our most priceless possessions.

Now on to this beautiful family, I couldn't love them anymore ( family and pics ) Cant wait to see if we will be seeing pink or blue in our next session.

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